Woke up to a very rainy morning

Love the rain this morning. Love the sound when the rain hit the ground….I don’t know about you but I find the sound very therapeutic. I wonder how far each drop of rain has travellled from the sky to the ground? I wonder if they have a mind to think, what would they be thinking about?

Moving from rain to grass…hahaha….rather random. Recently I heard someone saying this and thought its pretty meaningful. He said, “When I was young I I would imagine myself as grass, so free and so easy. I would sway freely to and fro and enjoying the breeze around me. When I grow up, I realised that I am not so free after all. I would sway as and where the wind blows.” How true this is? Guess its a matter of perspective…

So back to rain….I love looking out the window when it rains.

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