Outing with DiDi and Librarian

I was so excited that I attended church service with DiDi and Librarian today. I hope that the service wasn’t too overwhelming for the both but it was good attending service with them. The had to follow so many different books and so many different verses that they have to follow during the sermon time. Of course, I disappeared for a short while only to find me right in front at the altar area doing the Intercession part of the service. We had a pretty good but crowded breakie at Ya Kun. It was crowded because of the Kids Run this morning. We moved on to Coffee Club and had a good time sharing and chatting with one another. Really great time together…very different from those times at Starbuck after work.

Timberland was our next stop and ended up I was the only one buying a pair of tracking shoes. I needed one cos all my shoes seem to broken due to excessive walking these few weeks. Walking has become my devotion to God nowadays. Very often, it’s during the walk that the Lord will speak to me. He will speak strength and encouragement to my soul. He will speak of His love and His grace which is more than sufficient for me. I know that I am not always that strong a person. I know that I have my weaknesses and struggles, but I know also that God’s grace is sufficient for me and His love and strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. The fact of the matter is this, the smaller I become the bigger God is….the bigger God is….the happier I am. Anyway, I believe that with my new tracking shoes, I can walk longer distance and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me like never before.

We had a good time drinking soup. DiDI likes the soup there and I certainly like it there as well. Maybe this Friday we can go there again for soup. I am so looking forward to this Friday.

This is an interesting day and I told DiDi that I will blog it….

the gatekeeper

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