Reflection on Job Chapter 2

The chapter begin with “Again”. Yup, again…the Lord apparently wasn’t happy with Job’s first trial. He wanted more. He wanted to have a even bigger and greater glory than this. Can you imagine, God wanted the worst situation possible for Job so that He can be fully and greatly glorified! What a God that we have here! We have a God that finds His greatest pleasure in glorifying Himself. Now, the question is this: IS HE MAD OR WHAT? Yes, God is madly passionate about His own glory. God is madly obsess by Himself. Isn’t that interesting? The God that we believe to be all compassionate and all merciful is someone who is so obsessed about His own glory. Is he vain or what? The reality is this is our God! 

In chapter 2 of Job, we find God initiated the whole fight challenge again. Satan was moving to and fro the earth. He probably was aimlessly moving around, looking for his next prey. He saw this gathering of the sons of God and he decided to see what’s going on. God spotted that age-old serpent and started the challenge. It wasn’t Satan…IT WAS GOD! As if loosing all your material properties is not enough, God wanted Satan to disturb Job further. God wanted something more drastic and more painful. Since God started the challenge, Satan wouldn’t allow himself to miss this chance to get someone out of God. “Skin for skin” the phrase speaks it all. Now, what is loosing material properties. They are so external and so unimportant for one who loved God and who was passionate about God. But how about tempting him to the core…physical pain! That sounds cool…not only to Satan but to God. 

The question you are probably asking right now is “why did God even do this?” We are not going to answer the question here at this juncture. But all that I want to say is, God is moved by a passion for His own glory. See, if under the most hostile condition and Job remained in God, He would get all the glory that He wanted at the expense of Job. Today, we have to swallow this gospel truth in the Book of Job. It’s not easy to swallow this truth. 

Job’s wife was fed up with all these trials and tribulations that happened at home. She lost everything overnight, her children dead and her husband whom she loved was in a terrible condition. She couldn’t understand who Job was still holding on to the faith? She encouraged Job to curse God and end it all there. We’re not sure if Job’s wife left him, but certainly her faith in God was shaken a great deal. 

I simply love Job’s conclusion and reply to his wife. Job’s conclusion is also a question that we need to ask ourselves and consider seriously: “Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?”This question will also shake the common tagline in church that goes like this, “God is good…all the time! And all the time…God is good!” Is God still good when He took away everything from you, your children dead, yourself inflicted with disease and illness and your wife left you? Can you still say that “God is good…ALL the time!”? 

This is hard faith! Don’t be too quick to answer the question. Take some moment to reflect on it first…is this still the God you know? It’s no wonder Peter, when faced with the suffering Christ, could not reconcile his idea of the Messiah that he held so dearly all these years. So much so that when people identified him as one of the 12, he denied. Now you see the context of Peter’s denial? 

I will stop here for now….but don’t give up…you will certainly be surprised!

the gatekeeper

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