Notes to Four – A note to Librarian

Dear Librarian,

How’s your day today? I am not sure that this letter will be emotionally moving or not…but let me try not to get too emotional about things. I have written to two of our friends, JH and DiDi…now the third letter is to you. I really think that there’s a reason why you ended up in the school’s library. And I really think that the condition of our library aptly reflects you. Let me say about our library before talking about you.

I have been in this school for 10 years and I think this year is the year that visited the library the most. Not that it’s particularly nice or what but that the library suddenly comes alive with people like you guys, JH, DiDi, Shu Shu and yourself. The library now has becomes a little corner in school that we can talk loudly…though as a librarian you are supposed to stop us from doing so. One of the things I realized about work life is that talking loudly is not a privilege that all enjoy. Many like us, will go to a corner to talk our heart out about this and this person or that and that person. It’s interesting that you have become that agent that facilitated our many discussions in the library. I must say that it is most unfortunate that the library is in the hand of someone who doesn’t love it at all….you know who I am talking about. Anyway, she shouldn’t come into the picture at all.

Back to you and library. I mentioned in my previous entry that our library is very lethargic. It’s been very tired trying to serve the students in the school. It’s in one corner of the school and longing to be embraced by the students; longing to be loved. I remember my niece would come back from school and share with me that she loves her school’s library. I wonder what would our library say if it can talk? It would probably say something like this, “I have been much neglected over the years. I was not treated like a library in the first place. I feel that I am more like a spare classroom for people who have no where to go. But seriously, I don’t mind being that cos that’s really one of my functions I guess. However, I don’t want to be just a spare room. I want to be the room that students love to hang out in…I want to be a room where the students can do their reading…I want to be a room that is of utmost importance to the everybody…a room much treasured…a room much loved. ” Not sure if you get what I am trying to say here. But I really find this parallel between you and the library. I may be wrong…but at least that’s my impression of you.

I am no different as well at some point of my life. It’s hard to really stand out among the crowd. At some points of our lives, we want to be recognized and we want to be appreciated. We want people to affirm us and accept us. However, acceptance is very hard to come by in this world. Really…not easy. People can die because of rejection and abandonment. But I don think anyone of us have reached that stage yet. Sometimes the feeling of being rejected can be so overwhelming that it is so unbearable. I went through it myself too. Sooner or later, we will find that acceptance can always be found when we first accept one another. It has to start from ourselves. When we began to embrace others, others will began to embrace you.

I really hope that in this circle of friends that we are all in, you can find your acceptance in us. You are definitely not a spare room to us. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being who you are. Yes, the library needs a revamp…so do many of us. We need a revamp to our heart.

That’s all for now…actually I am not too sure if any of you realize the reason why I am writing these letters. But anyway, the reason is not important….Librarian….continue to be faithful to what you have been called to do! Take courage to walk out….be bold to accept and to be accepted. I have one more letter to write to Shu Shu…

Yours Truly

the gatekeeper

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