Arriving at Korat…Day 2 to Recovery

Finally arrived at the hotel at around 10:30 Singapore timing. Feeling very exhausted after one whole day of traveling. Thought about a lot of things along the way. Some good and some bad. I felt the Lord speaking to me again but still I am feeling very painful over the people that I have hurt so much. I really do not know what’s the chance of reconciliation but this will be the most difficult part of the recovery. It pains my heart, really pains my heart, to know that because of my foolishness, people whom I care  about are hurt. I really don’t know how I can finish this part of the recovery. I am praying to God for strength and courage to face it. I guess it will take a miracle for a reconciliation to happen. I never think too much about the word “reconciliation” until yesterday. I wish to be reconciled but I really don’t know how this is possible. I really don’t know. I guess only God will know what will happen at the end of this recovery. God, help me with this. I need your help!

the gatekeeper

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