Draining Day

Its been a very draining day for me. It’s hard to work and function properly when you have a lot of things bothering you. It feels like there always something poking you and making you feel uncomfortable all the time. Yesterday in my sharing session I asked the team to put aside their personal agenda and baggage to make this trip a success. I feel so bad that I am not able to do it myself to a certain extent. I have been thinking of a lot of things and other then when I am in those high sounding meetings and discussion I sort of keep to myself. I try to spend time with the students as I find more joy being with them.

I hope I am strong enough to face the things I need to face when I am back in Singapore. Only God will know the outcome of this issue I am in. How I wish God can reveal to me what will the outcome be. I really don’t know…. May the Lord help all of us!

the gatekeeper

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