Coming out from darkness into His marvellous light!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who have prayed for me and with me during these few months of depressing loneliness. I don’t know what else to say except ‘thank you’. Honestly without your prayers, I don’t think I will be able to pull through this very difficult part of my life. Although at this point of time, I still cannot understand God’s greater purpose in putting me through this, I am sure that one day I will know and He will show why.

I think the most important people in this whole incident is my PLC group. In many many ways I am indebted to them. During those season of dark loneliness, I have walked out of them and still they did not really blame me. I needed to walk out so that I can go find healing for myself so that I can come back quickly to do something for people whom I have hurt. I thank God again for people who have saw me through during the recovery stage and ‘talked’ to me during my anguish and depression. I am so grateful that even though I walked out of them and wrongs that I have done, they are still willing to accept me and give me another chance to believe in me. To me that’s grace. To me that is so important. I will never take this grace for granted and I will treasure whatever that I have with them. Honestly, I read the SMS from DiDi over and over again and I am really so grateful to him and all. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for accepting me again. Thank you for reconciling with me. I sincerely thank God for each and individual one of you….my DiDi, Shu Shu, JH, Librarian and Miss E. Thank you all…. Like I said, 我们走的方向是祝福的方向。我们走过的每个地方,每一寸土地就是天堂。Let us celebrate the friendship that we have….让我们为这分友谊欢呼!

Once again, I thank my God for each one of you….thank you!

The gatekeeper

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