Post Viet Trip

Finally the Viet trip has come to an end. This is the trip that started at Paul, Takashimaya and ended at MacDonald T3 for me. This is truly and amazing trip. I must say that this is one of the best Vietnam trips I ever had. There’s so much of talking and thinking and discovering during the trip. The second day of the trip I got angry with how the trip was run. Thank God that we trash it out that same evening and everything was settled after which. As a matter of fact, the third day onwards, I was so elated. We were on a Mekong Delta tour and the tour was a very refreshing one. I love the river and I buried a lot of emotions and sentiment into the river. Perhaps memories as well. Towards the end of the Mekong Delta tour, Shu Shu and I were just laughing and laughing over many things. I was singing praises to God and I really rejoiced over God’s grace and love over me and the whole team. It was in Mekong Delta that I truly 放下了!I felt so freaking good about it and my joy was so full. 我好喜乐!The Mekong Delta tour was an amazing one. Never felt that the river can be so magical and miraculous. I never felt that the river can have such healing effects on me. I think it healed many of us as well. The same night, we went to the Jazz club at Le Loi and trust me I really enjoyed myself there. The music was good and the company was great as well. I really must apologise to didi when he tried to ask me for opinion about prices and where to shop for this and that. For once, I ‘pang seh’ him a while and truly enjoy myself in the club. I told him that I will settle his shopping tomorrow and asked him to trust me to do that the next day. I want to tell didi that I am normally not like that hor…. That was a different night….I guess that was the night how things began for me….hahaha

The next day was even more exciting. After sending didi and librarian to CuChi Tunnel, we went on our own city tour, moving around the city and drinking coffee and chatting and talking about many things. It was really great talking to Shu Shu about many things. After the trip, I have known Shu Shu very differently. I must say that our friendship has gone up many levels and our sharing becomes very deep over the next few days. The same night we went to the Chill Sky Bar in AB building. That was a bloody crazy night for the five of us, except didi and librarian. It couldn’t get any more crazy than this le. Almost all of us got drunk and I was drunk that I just fell asleep after. JH vomitted several times. But we were really happy….we were ecstatic! We were all crazy! Hahahaha.

The next day, I met up with Sister Beatrice and was glad to see her as healthy as before. I don’t know about the rest but Shu Shu shared how the place has touched him. He couldn’t explain it but he knew that the place has touched him. I believe it is the presence of God in the place bah.

There is so much to write about for this trip….simply too many things. Let me just conclude that God was in this trip. I think the trip is so unique that it has to be God. What an amazing Vietnam trip!

The gatekeeper

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