The Presence of God

This morning I woke up normally, as usual for work. Toffee again greeted me in the morning and I did what I normally have to do, wash up, feed Toffee and etc….

As I was walking to school, and as usual, listening to my Christian songs in Mandarin. However, something unusual happened this morning. It is unusual becase it is divine. As I was listening to my songs and worshipping the Lord in the morning, my mind was thinking of the arrest of a local pastor of a mega church who misused the church fund. He was arrested yesterday I believe. As this flash through my mind, I suddenly felt a very strong sense of the Presence of God around me. Its not just a feeling….God was there! His Presence was with me so strongly….I almost wanted to go back home and spend the day worshipping God! With the Presence of God I felt lots of energy vibes in me….my heart was so filled with praises to God and I wished I could sing out loud His praise and thanksgiving.

He is the Alpha and Omega!

He is the Coming King!

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

He is the Living Water!

He is the Rose of Sharon!

He is the Good Shepherd!

He is the Great I AM


the gatekeeper!

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