TNF 100 (2012) v 1.2

Had my second trail training today at Macritchie again. I am more familiar with the route after the first trail training and able to know where to watch out for. However, so far I have been running in the day, thus will need to try running in the night once I have the head lights. I was running a little in the drizzles and it was great getting wet by the rain. The rain stopped pretty shortly. I felt more comfortable running the trail today. The more I ran on the more I felt that the run was comfortable and I enjoyed every bit of the run. I knew that I wasn’t running alone. I knew that God was with me when I ran through the greens.

I came to a stop after a long run. I stopped by the reservoir and I suddenly felt so peaceful watching the still water. I was reminded of Psalm 23 when the psalmist said the Shepherd leads us besides the quiet water and restores our souls. I felt exactly that. I felt that I was led to the quiet water and for the first time after two months or so, I felt that my mind was resting. My mind was at rest and I knew that God was in the stillness. I closed my eyes and spent a moment of silence and solitude. Thought it was a short moment but it was very refreshing. I thank God for that moment of peace and solitude. I needed that.

I am getting more and more excited about my running. It is not just a run. It is also a spiritual journey for me. I love the walk back to my starting point after a few rounds of run. I put on my earpiece and completely just me and God and the greens….woohoo that was really good! I felt as if I was walking in the woods with the Lord. I believe that He was there with me.

The gatekeeper


TNF 100 (2012) v 1.1

As of yesterday, I have joined The Northface 100 race. I have signed up for the 100KM run and I think I am really crazy. I am mad! I have no idea what motivated me to do this but I just went ahead to register myself for it. I guess this is another crazy moment when I make crazy decision. I want to do this by myself and I really want to see how much I can’t stretch myself to do. Honestly, I am not even sure if I can survive the first 10km to 20km. However, I am so glad that I am already receiving a lot of encouragement from friends. I even have one ex-student who asked me to believe that God will pull me through this challenge. I know very well this is a solo race….I know very well that this is another test of my faith and my trust in my Constant Companion…Jesus! I need to trust Him through thicks and thins, and through the difficult terrain of my life. However, this is physical I guess. This is really life’s challenges in physical form.

I know very well that this is not going to be easy at all. I know that it will take a lot of me to do this. I know that there may be very little encouragement along the way. I understand that not many people will join me with the race but still this is something that I would like to do. If God is a risk taker, then I would like to take this risk to participate the race. I pray to God that I will be ale to finish this race within the stipulated time. For now, I need to get into a training routine so that I can face this big giant. It’s really no joke to run 100km and it’s really no joke running this alone. Hey, but I am not alone…God is with me! His name is Immanuel, God is with us! Even if it means for me to be the last person to arrive, I will still make it.

Two months have passed since I last plunge into my emptiness and void. I think it is about time for me to push myself further, both physically and mentally, to another level. Maybe I am pushing God as well. I want to know His Presence through this trail run. My ultimate goal for this race is to know Him and to give Him the glory whatever distance I can cover. I want to know His Presence in my life. I want to know that through every circumstances, I can hold on to Him and His hand is always holding mine.

Today, will be the first day of my training and I know that it will be a great one. God be my enabler and my help. When I look up the heaven, I know that He is there! I know that He will watch over me! It is in my weakest moment that God’s strength is made perfect. It is when I am at my lowest that God is most glorified and magnified. It is when I am least He is the most….In this race, God must increase and I must decrease!

The gatekeeper