No Pay Leave – Journey with God 1/73 Days

Yes, I have applied my no pay leave and my school leader has approved it. I am taking this leave with lots of predicament and alot of questions in my mind. One part of me is telling me to be happy about the leave. To be happy because I can finally take a break from the routine of my job. However, there i also this part of me that is telling me to otherwise. Whatever it is, I am on a journey with God to rediscover myself both as an educator and a Christian. Yes, I believe that a Christian has more to think about then a usual, average person. I guess it is because that we have always a heavenly vision in mind. This does not put us above the rest but it helps to remind ourselves that we have a heavy responisibilty here on earth. More so when you are a teacher. For me this journey with God will help me craft out my path for the next 5 to 10 years or so, whether teaching is still te job for me. I am still passionate about interacting with the kids and I am still interested to go that extra miles with them. However, I still need to take time to rest and journey with God as to how best to reach out to these kids and how I can be a coach and mentor to them within my capacity. All I have to say is that being a teacher is not easy and it has never been easy since day one. Not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher. I have seen teachers come and teachers go and I am so glad that the school is willingto approve my leave and give me time off to think through and map out my career for the next 5 to 10 years or so. This is a previledge that I should never take for granted.

I am not giving up on teaching at this poin of time. Neither am I being irrespnsible by leaving everything behind and go on leave. It is not me to do such a thing. I am quite glad that most of my major works such as Values In Actions and Boys’ Brigade are almost there and I believe I have not left anything major for whoever it taking over me. The only thing that I find it very difficult to let go are my graduating classes. But I am also vey glad that they are in good hands even in my absence.

I have promised the school leaders that I will not take too long to reflect and come out with a solution for all these. During this period of time, I will take time to travel out of the country and to journey with God in foreign land. I am planning to go Bhutan if that is possible or Tibet. Finally I got my well-deserved break and I know that God will speak to me with His still, small voice. Journey together with me and I know that God is with me wherever I go. His Presence will go with me and before me to prepare the way for my renewal and a time of refreshing will come. When this happen, I will be able to serve the school and God more effectively. Pray together with me that God will draw me closer to Himself each day of my no pay leave.

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