Cafe Hop: Kooka Cafe@Purvis Street

My original intention for today was to visit a couple of lifestyle cafes along Telok Ayer street. When I arrived at the site, I discovered that many shops were not open and they probably would not be due to the off-in-liew for Hari Raya Puasa. I ended up at Amoy Street Food Centre and enjoyed a nice plate of Wanton noodle. Not that fantastic but good enough to satisfy my stomach I guess. I began to use my phone to google for more interesting cafes in Singapore. I spot on Kooka Cafe at Purvis Street. I know Purvis Street and thus decided to head my way there.

On my way there, I saw an old couple who were trying to figure out which bus to take to their destination. When they finally settled with which bus to take, they set down and they began to chit chat while waiting for the bus. The conversation was very interesting. They were pointing here and there and recalling how each of these places that they pointed were like when they were much younger. They boarded the same bus as I was and they were sitting right in front of me. The wife continued to explain to the husband how each of these places that the bus passed by were like and informing him of the recent development in Singapore and etc. I thought it was such a lovely sight to see these old couple so engaged with each other at their age. They have so much to talk and to share with one another. Such a lovely sight!

I arrived at Purvis Street and for a short moment I thought this was another wasted trip to find interesting cafes in Singapore. I scanned through the entire street and I couldn’t find Kooka Cafe. Then as I was about to give up and settle with TCC nearby, I spot on and saw this cafe tainted by dark glass door…with some colored scribbles of prices and operating hours. That’s it…that’s the cafe I was looking for.

I entered the cafe and felt very much at home because of the wooden tables they have. I love wood! The place was a little dark for a cafe but its pretty ok as it does make the hot morning look a little cooler from the inside. I found my spot and was greeted by a beautiful Indian lady. She greeted me with a radiant smile and it certainly made my search for the hotel worth it. I took the menu and thought the menu was simple enough but yet there’s something for everyone in the menu. They have sandwiches for those with big appetite and simple snacks for those who just wish to munch. What really surprised me in the cafe was its spaciousness and the coffee. I had a sip of the latte and it was smooth and had a good after taste of roasted coffee beans. I ordered a roasted chicken wrap. Not that bad…edible and reasonably done. The two staffs there were friendly and would chat a little if you opened up to them. They were certainly two very handwork staff as I have not seen them stopped working during my few hours there.

Kooka Cafe is certainly one cafe worth the trip…just stop by City Hall MRT station and walked towards Beach Road…its just around the corner.

It was a very good place for me to do my blogging and to reflect on many things. It was not rushing and I had a certain level of quietness there. I was so tempted to sit at the sofa corner of the cafe but eventually decided not to. I couldn’t resist but to order another cup of coffee just one hour before I left the place. I commended to the staff that the coffee was nice. They were happy and took the compliment with pride and lots of joy.

the gatekeeper




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