Cafe Hopper Review: SPR.MRKT Cafe at McCallum Street

Started my day pretty late cos I was deciding which cafe to hop on to in the morning. Couldn’t decide on one but finally decided on the one at McCallum Street. McCallum Street is perpendicular to Cecil Street. Its rather easy to spot on the cafe with its very country style window. The cafe has a very whitish concept. As I walked into the cafe that’s probably the one thing you will notice…white shelves, while walls and etc. Even the wooden tables are of a litter tone as compared with the traditionally dark wood color. I guess the cafe is supposed to be call Supermarket Cafe…with some alphabets missing in action. Why? I am not too sure but still you can decipher that its Supermarket that they are trying to spell. The cafe has a very supermarket concept….selling some simple bakery and raw carrots and onions (which I don’t understand why they are there). They also sell some strange packed food which I didn’t bother to find out what they are. Well, they probably want to give the cafe a very grocer looks…something like Jones the Grocer i guess…Oh I miss their latte by the way.

I sat by the window watching the working crowd flowing into Amoy Street Food Market for their lunch. Pretty therapeutic to see people rushing for lunch and I don’t feel the rush at all from the cafe. I almost couldn’t find the counter in the cafe though its pretty small. When I found it, I was greeted but a group of beautiful girls. I ordered my usual latte and a set of shoestring fries. I tried to ask the girl what’s shoestrings fries about and she didn’t give me much information about that. I decided that I should exercise my faith in this. I was given number 5 for my order. A pretty good number I suppose.

Let’s talk about the coffee. The latte is not as good as the one I tried at Kooka cafe. Ops…am I suppose to do such comparison? Whatever! It has that smoothness like that from Kooka but the after taste sort of spoil it. It has a stronger after taste. However, still pretty acceptable for a cup of gourmet coffee. I guess you can’t expect every coffee to taste the same…just like you can’t expect everyone to be the same in life…or even always the same. The the shoestrings fries came and I thought its not much of a different from Macdonald’s shakers fries or something. Well, then again who would order fries in a cafe like this? I should have ordered salad or sandwiches right…anyway the shoestrings fries wasn’t that fantastic. I didn’t finish it anyway.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get a large crowd of office lunchers It’s pretty empty even during the lunch hours. There was a group of “ang mo” who were having some business talks and some Asian market thingy….well which is doing much better than their US or European markets. Then there were two ladies who set pretty near to me gossiping about life and other girls stuff. That’s about all I guess. I am not too sure if they chase people away if we sloth there for too long…cos I didn’t stay there long enough anyway. I suppose with the counter hiding at one corner, they won’t bother too much with me if I stay there for hours.

On a whole, its still a pretty cool cafe right smack in the CBD area. I guess a place to chill out and to let all that office talks out of you. Sometimes you just need to hide in a little corner in the midst of all your busyness. I suppose this is one little haven there. If that is not enough, you can always cross the road for a good beer to drunk yourself I guess. That’s provided if you don’t intend to go back to work. Amoy Street Food Market is around the corner and I am sure it does compliment a fair bit…or should I say the cafe compliment the food market.

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