Looking into the mirror…is that you?

I had a very interesting experience this morning as I looked into the mirror. Don’t worry…my reflection was there…its not a vampire thingy. Its been a while since I wore my usual British India style of shirt (People who know me will know what I am talking about here). This morning, when I was choosing my clothing, I decided to wear one of my British India unique style shirts. After I had changed, I looked myself into the mirror and suddenly I felt that I actually recognized the person in the mirror. I suddenly found the person in the mirror looked like me. I know this sounds very strange but there was this peculiar familiarity to the person in the reflection…that’s me! I know this sounds crazy but that’s why I said this is a very interesting experience. I knew that person in the mirror. I couldn’t explain it but it feels good! I actually left the house feeling pretty light. And for the rest of the day as I chilled out in various cafes, I felt extremely at peace with myself and more importantly with God!

I was sharing with my VP and buddy that I think and I believe that I have found the map to my destination. I know the direction. But I am figuring out how to get there. Its still a long way but I am sure that I will reach my destination soon. I know that I am reaching a place where God reigns and there’s so much less of me and more of Jesus! I must decrease and Jesus must increase in my life. That’s the equation that I am working on. When Jacob wrestled with God in the Bible, he was actually wrestling with himself. There will come a point that I will release myself totally. I am working on it with the Holy Spirit as my enabler.

I love my day today! I love the way God is speaking to me.

the gatekeeper

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