Cafe Hopper Review: Habitat Coffee@Upper Thomson Road

Your natural abode is what they spelled under their name. An interesting word to use…abode. Abode always give people a deep sense of serenity and quietness. That is the kind of feel that I get from this cafe. There is a strong sense of familiarity and warmth when you enter the cafe. You hardly can recognize who is the boss and who are the staff. They are so blended together and this makes the place very homely and warm as well. I particularly love the big wooden table that is beside the counter. I always feel like I am sitting at my own kitchen. I will have my lappy and will be typing my way in my blog and reviewing cafes. The big table is one corner you must experience in the cafe itself. I am always tempted to get a slice of the strawberry shortcake as its doesn’t look short at all. It looks huge and for someone who is diabetic it is definitely a no-no!

Let’s talk about coffee. They will always decor the coffee. Yes, the decor is always leafy. When I was there for the first time it was a pleasant surprise but after a few visits it becomes a familiarity to me. I would find it peculiar if they serve me a coffee without the leafy decor. In short, I love coffee with leafy decor on it. It always warm my spirit when I see people doing that. I had another surprise this after when I ordered the Shepherd’s Pie. The pie was so perfectly done. The crust was not too wet neither too dry…it was an almost perfect mix of the whipped potatoes. The crust topping was smooth and it doesn’t cause a sense of discomfort to the throat when you swallow it down. The filling of the pie was tasty and you don’t have that beefy taste even though its beef. I think its one of the best Shepherd’s Pie I have ever tasted. A big thumbs up for the Shepherd’s Pie as it simply made my day.

Oh we are suppose to talk about the coffee. Well the coffee is smooth but the after taste sort of minus some points from it. But overall, this can be easily compensated by the Shepherd’s Pie I guess. They serve each coffee with a Lotus caramelized biscuit which I will not share with anyone. The last time a friend took the biscuit without me knowing and I was so upset. I felt something was missing. The cakes also look very tasty and tempting but I am not touching the untouchables for now. Oh yah there is one thing I must mention. Yes, they do give number to customers who have ordered but this cafe do it with a little twist. There is a quote in all the numbers about home. I received number 3 today and quote says, “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” I always find the quite very intriguing. I can’t wait to get my next number.

One minus point about the cafe is that it can be pretty warm as well. The air-con doesn’t seem to be very strong but after a while there, you grow to be use to it. I guess that’s the warmth manifested in its real sense. Oh, is my review bias? I guess all reviews are bias. No issue at all. I love the sight of the staff and the bosses sitting together cracking jokes and sharing with one another. Sometimes, sight like this becomes a natural decor to the cafe. I love this decor. A place where everyone can feel at home, whether you are a staff or just a passer-by at Upper Thomson Road, this place will definitely capture your spirit.

Overall, if you ever come by Upper Thomson Road, this is one place that you must drop by and enjoy its familiarity.

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