Connecting….with God

I woke up this morning thinking of God! Again this sounds like an unusual thing to do in the morning but I was thinking about God in the morning. My first question for that day was, “Lord, what do you have in store for me today?” Or is this more like a prayer? Can’t really differentiate anymore. I had a good coffee time with my friend yesterday at Kooka Cafe and I was quite looking forward to today’s agenda. I decided to put this in my FB post, “Today I will start another new day of journeying with God! It’s so exciting cos you don’t know what you will get along the way. But you will know for sure that God is with you and that’s more than enough. What a beautiful morning to start the day with God in mind!” It feels good to be reconnecting with God in such a beautiful way. But I must say that the connection is not very stable yet. Sometimes I do experience lost of connection….don’t like to be disconnected anyway! 

I decided to read my Bible before I start my journey to savor the cafes in Singapore. I have done two reviews and will be doing at least one more for today. It will be quite exciting today cos I will be using my newly bought instant camera. I am getting more and more serious with my review of cafes in Singapore. Hahaha….So after this I will be blogging on the cafe for today. Anyway, I was reading from 1 Kings 18…oh if anyone think that the Bible is a boring book, they should read this chapter. Its so bloody action pack! In the previous chapter, Elijah prophesied  about a drought and the drought was very very serious. Try to imagine without rain for months or years and the people had nothing to eat. Not just that, with a drought like that, there would be social disorder that came along with it. Anyway, we shan’t dwell too much on the gloomy side. The drought had made Elijah a pretty much hated person in the area and obviously the King and the government officials were not very happy with him.

Now, Elijah post another challenge to the prophets of Baal. He challenged them to call for rain. I will spare you guys of the details….but please find time to read this beautiful chapter. Elijah big time shame his enemies and it was a great day of victory. It was basically the pinnacle of his career as a prophet. I am very sure that the people loved him and probably many were turning back to believe in Elohim. However, the chapter did not end gloriously. The story ended with Elijah running away to Jezreel. He ran away! He did! In the next few chapters we will see how Elijah plunge into a deep depression and he was totally lost after a great victory like this one. He hid from the Lord and from everyone. Elijah experienced a serious burnt out from his job as a prophet. At the peak of his career and the most probable time that he could win Israel back to Yahweh, he burnt out! What a lousy timing to be burnt out!

Yes, same for me! I decided to run away just when everything seem so perfect for me to move up the rank. Yes, I decided to run away when everything seem favorable for me. What am I doing, Ronneth? Am I mad or what? Perhaps I am! All I know now is that I don’t need another promotion or another affirmation from my bosses about me. I don’t think that is in anyway important to me. What I really need now, like Elijah, is to listen to the still, small voice of God. I need to get myself re-connected with Him. That’s what I really need. I will write more about Elijah’s burnt out tomorrow but for now my prayer and desire is that God’s Presence stay with me throughout this journey. Anyway, I am journeying with God and its been really a wonderful experience journeying with Him.

I felt as if God is speaking this to me:

“Ron, I want you to know that your burnt out will be over soon!

You are on the road to recovery and re-discovering who you are in my Son, Christ Jesus.

Be patient with me and wait upon me!

I want you to know that I will not leave you nor forsake you.

My Presence will go with you where you are.

Through the darkest valley, I will be there.

In the deepest ocean, I will be heard by you.

Fear not, for I am with you! My rod and staff will be with you!

Put your hand in my hand.

Put your faith in my faith!”

the gatekeeper

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