Day without destination

Today is rather special. I woke up without any agenda for the day. I didn’t know where to go either. I only knew that I have a lunch appointment with another old friend and that’s all. And just then, JH smsed me and asked me where would I be hopping to today. I really didn’t know where I would be hopping to but I was thinking maybe today I would go slow with my cafe review and reflection. I have 65 more days to do all these anyway. Its not too long…but neither is it short. I am definitely beginning to love my new job as a cafe hopper and certainly would be nice if I can be paid for this. Its great to see readership for blog going higher each day. I have hit 48 readers yesterday. That’s the highest so far in a day. I am sure that they have also read my  journeying with the Lord.

Today, I really have nothing much to input in my blog….still I can sense His Presence with me and I love the assurance that He is with me! I don’t need anybody else. All I need is this Constant Companion…who will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank you, Lord, for being with me!

the gatekeeper

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