Cafe Hopper Review: Bakery House Cafe@Upper Thomson Road (Yi Jia)

This is a little chinese cafe situated along the famous and ever popular Upper Thomson Road. Upper Thomson Road has over the past few years grew to prominence as a food paradise among the younger generation. A number of signature chains of eateries sprung up in the place over the past few years, for instance, Udder Ice Cream, Salted Caramel and etc. There used to be only a few very traditional coffee shops around this area that serve very conventional foods here, like prata and bak chork met. This Bakery House Cafe is one of those that has been around for a long time here in Upper Thomson. It is definitely not your new immigrant to this place. The bakery itself has a very traditional outlook as compared to the many new and modern cafes that have taken root here about 1 or 2 years ago. Being a bakery, the main selling point of the cafe has to be its bread and chinese pastries. It has a large variety of bread and trust me they are all so soft and tasty. The fillings are not your fancy kind from you know “what-talk” and other modern bakery. They are your traditional “tau-sar” (red bean paste), “char-siew” (roasted pork) and “lain-rong” (lotus paste). They do have like ham and cheese buns and sausage buns as well. I miss those good old days when bread is just bread. Trust me, you can find that kind of feel from this extraordinary bakery in Upper Thomson. The bakery also sell very nice “tau-sar pia” (chinese biscuit with red bean paste). If you are lucky, you may even get it real hot from the oven. I got it once and I tell you I fell in love with it.

Being a cafe, coffee is important. You would have noticed from my writings that I love latte. I would always enjoy a nice cup of latte every where I go. Anyway, fortunately or unfortunately, the cafe does not sell latte here. Yes, it sells your kopi O (black coffee) and kopi C (black coffee with condensed milk) and etc. I would enjoy a nice walk along MacRitchie Reservoir and make my way here for a nice cup of ice kopi O kosong (black coffee with no sugar). Normally I would also look out for fresh bake…if not any item from there should be fine. You may also want to try their traditional cakes…they are nice as well. Of course, this is not your kind of cafe that you can buy a cup of coffee and sit there whole day. Although I have never been chased away by the lady boss, but I normally will not sit there for very long as well. It’s just not a place you would like to do so. Such good haven of traditional taste will be good to share it with more people around. I brought my VP here once and I trust that he likes it here too.

One think I must mention is that it is probably the only cafe that operates on Monday in the area. So, if you are looking for a lesser crowd, avoid going on Monday. Other days are fine except probably in the morning.


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