Bhutan Journey Day 1 – Unexpected Surprises

It’s been a very long and exciting night waiting for the time to check in to Drukair. To my surprise, I am the first passenger to check in to Drukair and also the first passenger to board the plane. I thought for a moment this surprise is good enough, only to find out that there are only 5 passengers in the entire airbus. I was upgraded to the business class instantly. First time in my life that I sat in the business class. It really feels like this is a private jet flying all 5 of us to Bhutan.

Back to the long and exciting night wait at the airport. I sat in the Starbucks for quite a few hours and so decided to leave the place and just move around the airport. The airport is always so busy with people getting out of the country. Of course I am one of them as well. Its about an hour before checking in so I decided to sit down somewhere to listen to some music. There is one song that has been a source of comfort and encouragement to me during this period of time, i.e. Amazing Grace (Chris Tomlin’s version). Each time when I hear this song, I have a renewed confidence of His grace for me. So again, I was listening to the song. For a moment, I felt myself being totally enveloped by His amazing grace and I was so touched by the Lord. Gosh…it’s like being at the altar call in a revival meeting or what. Then I could see in my mind’s eyes that it was raining in the airport. There was so much joy bubbling from my belly. I wanted to laugh it out loud….hahaha! I asked Him to give me the faith to believe in Him. I asked the Lord to strengthen my faith in Him as I journey along with Him. It was a very beautiful moment. My heart was lightened and my spirit was lifted up. Thank you Jesus for that moment of encounter with You!

Bhutan is going to be a very unusual trip for me. Not only because it is Bhutan. This is a journey that I have to take wherever the physical destination is. It is a journey I have to travel with God and to take time to seek Him and to allow Him to work in and through my life again. There’s a lot of talk about this being a trip to discover myself. Honestly, I have no idea what to discover and what to let go. As Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness for 40 days and nights, I believe that I am also led by the Spirit this time round. The planning of this Bhutan trip was so smooth and God simply opened the door for me to get there. I know that it has been very hard on me for the past several months but I know that help is on its way. I know that no matter how tough life gets, God will always be there for me. He never fail me and He will never. He promised that to the end of the earth He will be there with me. I just need to learn to hold it there just a few more seconds…He will stretch out His loving hands and I will be able to hold on to His. Somebody prayed this prayer on me saying, “I am going to put you in His hand.” I find this picture so interesting. Imagine being in the loving hand of God and he envelope you with His love and mercy. Cool!

Anyway, with all these surprises at the beginning of the trip, I am very sure that God is going to surprise me with a lot more things along the way. As I have mentioned, you never know what you will get at the end of the turn. I eagerly awaits for His surprises for me! I believe that I am going to meet with God in the most unexpected way.


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