Journey with God – Bhutan Day 3

Last night I was so afraid that I would fall sick but thank God I recovered by this morning. My morning devotion with God was super. The Lord ministered to me in a very unique way and again my heart was so captivated by His love and compassion. I was listening to the song Amazing Grace (Chris Tomlin’s version) and I was so marvelled by His grace upon me. I felt so foolish that time and time again I took His grace for granted and replaced God with other things in my life. If God loves me and died for me on the Cross, then what else can I ask God for? His love is so great and so immense that my heart cannot contain it. Again, I cried to the Lord and I repented before Him and asked Him to forgive me.

Had a wonderful experience through the mountain. Today we went up over 3000 meters up the mountain and trust me it was a breathtaking sight up there. There was cloud all over me and as I walked in between the 108 stupas, it was a very reflective moment. I was so close to nature and it really felt good being embraced by nature. When I think about the mountains and hills…and the skies and the stars….what is man that God would bend down to hear our prayers? What is man that He should be mindful of him? But yet, God loves us and willing to die for us on the Cross. Am I bigger than the mountain? Am I deeper than the ocean? No, I am so small and so tiny.

The Bhutanese is a very interesting group of people. They placed happiness above all other things. According to the guide, their happiness is measure by four criterions namely, Culture, Environment, Equal Development and Good Governance. Which means that every decision that the government to make will have to base it on these 4 criterions. Since then, the Bhutanese have made certain decision which will seem foolish in a developed world. For instant, they used to export timber to other parts of the world. However in recent years, they find that doing that will harm the over ecological system of the forest. They decided to stop exporting timber and trees will only be cut down for internal usage. This means a great lost of income for the government. But to continue to export would mean that the environment will be affected. In this way, it will not help to boost the Gross National Happiness Index. They have made sacrifices to ensure happiness. To the Bhutanese happiness and unhappiness come hand in hand together. To be happy you will have to do with away with the ‘un’. We are unhappy because we don’t have…but we will be happy when we think we already have. So the Bhutanese treasure whatever they have and they want to see them being maintained as it is. They are happy because they never wanted more. 70% of the forest are conserved by the government. There is no hunting and no fishing at throughout the nation.

That’s all I have today…will talk more tomorrow.

The gatekeeper


2 thoughts on “Journey with God – Bhutan Day 3

    • Yes….especially their equal development policy. For instant, of they were to introduce telephone line in the country, all must have access to it….even people in the remotest part. If not, it is a no no….

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