Cafe Hopper Review – Nook (House of Pancakes)

This place is a pleasant surprise of the day. I was supposed to be heading for Carpenter and Cook at Lorong Kilat but found that they were not ready for operation. Lorong Kilat is a familiar place to me as my brother is staying nearby. We come here for dinner very often but I cannot remember this place having any exciting cafe. I was so looking forward to visit Carpenter and Cook and heard so much about it…well I had about an hour to wait so decided to see if there’s anything else that is exciting along this small street.

As I approached the end of Lorong Kilat, I found some light at the end of the tunnel. I saw this white-based outlet that hailed itself as the House of Pancakes – Nook. It’s not exactly a cafe but it is certainly a place that will let your imagination runs wild. The place allows you to mix your own pancake mixture and you can shape your pancake in any way you want. Okay, basically, the shop will provide the raw materials for making your pancakes and you will do it on your own. Sounds like those BBQ steamboat kind of things…just that this is pancake. Interestingly I didn’t try their pancakes, thus I cannot really comment on their specialty. I ordered a meaty breakfast and I got a very wholesome one. I was served with a whole plate of meat and all kinds of meat. Well, rightfully I should not be complaining about such wholesome breakfast, but honestly, I think the plate of meat is basically a configuration of all kinds of fridge meat you can get from Cold Storage or NTUC. So really, its nothing very exciting. Having said that, I did find my bucket of baked beans very tasty. I had baked beans almost everyday when I was in Bhutan.

Ok, let’s talk about my favorite latte. The coffee is really not that good as well. However this is really forgivable as the outlet never claim itself as a coffee-house in the first place. They serve australian style latte which is still drinkable but not as nice as those serve elsewhere. I managed to have a little chat with the lady boss and she said that they are very new and still in the process of fine tuning things in the outlet. In fact, they are also looking into revamping the menu. Let’s be gracious, I think we will have to give it some time to get things right. The crude part of the matter is that there isn’t much time as well….doing business at Lorong Kilat is all about fame and familiarity. They need to strike a reputation soon before it’s too late to do so.

Let’s wish them all the best and I certainly hope that they will turn out to be a place with its own character.

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