I decided to resign!

Last Monday I have tendered my resignation to the ministry and my last day of work is on 31 Dec 2012. I thought I would feel a sense of relief and release. Interestingly I felt very upset about leaving the job. After all, this has been my main engagement for the past ten years. Ten years of waking up at 5:30am and arriving in school by 6am. Ten years of singing the national anthem from Monday to Friday. Ten years of attending long and boring contact time, where you only see 80% of people who attend the meeting not participating at all. Only that few ‘shining’ ones would enjoy the limelight. Ten years….not very long time…but neither very short as well. The fact is, I finally call it a quit! I finally decided that this is not for me after ten years.

I know that this may be a shocking news to some but for me it’s ten years of seeing what is ‘real’ in school and to understand that to continue to serve in an organisation that is not willing to move on can be a very tiring process. I am thankful that God has sent some very good leaders to lead the school on to greater height but to know that there is a middle management team that is so comfortable in their own comfort zone and refusing to move on is distressing and disappointing. Obviously this does not apply to everyone in the middle management. There are good souls as well and I am thankful for their dedication to move the school on!

Anyway, for now, I would have to settle down with my resignation and really look at all the options available for me. Right now I have a few openings and I thank God for opening new doors for me. I will have to consider seriously my next step and may God guide my ways.

The gatekeeper

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