Cafe Hopper and TNF 100 (Little Part 1 Cafe)

I finally participated in the TNF 100 race. It was a pretty lonely way to the start point. Am I nervous? Yes, I was a little panicky and I kept posting on FB, counting down to the start of the race on 12/10/2012, 11pm. I have never start a race in the night and this was the first time. When I arrived at Macritchie Reservoir there were only a few runners there. I was surprised by the exclusiveness of the category. There were only like 30 to 40 odd runners there. Most of them in pretty high spirit but some were like me, came alone, no supporters. I met a Londoner, who was alone as well. It was also his first time doing the 100km. Of course, he looks much fitter than myself.

After the registration, we were all moved to the starting point and yes, that’s the moment all of us had been waiting for. Upon the horn, we all moved forward and started running. Unlike other races, there were no bottle-necked and there were no people walking. All were on a race of their own…and yet you could sense the camaraderie among the runners. When one runner is in trouble, the rest who could help would stop the race to help. It’s quite a different feel from the mass marathon I have participated. I remembered that my cramp got so bad that I had to stop for a moment. A fellow runner stopped by to helped me along. It was so dark that I couldn’t recognise him at all but yet he stopped his race to help.

I was on the race all by my own. I ran through the trail and the various tracks all by myself with Constant Companion by my side. The whole journey was so filled with fear, fatigue, confusion, excitement, thrill and so many other types of feelings. It’s like a big rojak of emotions. But it was addictive as well. The excitement of knowing the next stretch of track and trail was my main motivation to press on. I wanted to know what’s in store for me the next track. I pressed on and on until my physical body couldn’t take it anymore. I promised my mum and everyone that I would only do what I can do.

As a result if the race I hurt my knee and ankle rather badly. My both legs were totally cramped and till now they still don’t wish to be owned by me because I put them through such turmoil and tribulation. After I fell out from the race, I was rather depressed for a moment. I kept telling myself that it’s ok. I knew that I have tried my best and I had a great time experiencing running in the woods in the night. I learnt to trust Constant Companion for every step that I took.

In the afternoon, I went back to Macritchie Reservoir to support my good buddy for his 15km. Yup, I ran again, for a short distance to start him off.

The best part was, bro, myself and two other close friends went for a good dinner and beer after that at Little Part 1, just besides Thomson Plaza. After which we went Udders for ice cream and my all time Mao Shan Wang ice cream!

Ops…since this is Cafe Hopper here…I must at least talk about food or coffee right….yeah! At the end of the race, there were plenty of bread and muffins free for all to take. Cool….I took a whole box of everything home!

The gatekeeper





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