Cafe Hopper Reflecting on Cafes and Coffee Drinking (Starbuck Raffles Place)

Every cup of coffee tells a story. That’s the thought that came to my mind as I am chilling here at Starbuck Raffles Place. A simple cup of coffee witness the stories of so many people that decided to take a short refuge at this Starbuck outlet, right smack in the middle of City Hall area. I see people laughing with it…seriously doing their work with it…students in joyous discussion of their assignments…and some just meddling with their phone while the cup of coffee stood there stoutly and quietly, waiting to be savoured. Of course there are those who decided to sit down at a cafe and decided that coffee is not for them.

Cafe is such an interesting gathering of people from all walks of life. If thinking is visible, it would be so interesting to see all the colours of thoughts of these various people in the air. Every minute people come and people leave the cafe and each time this happened a new story in unfold and a new chapter written on the cafe page. I am sitting down here and really wondering what some of these stories are. Not too sure if anyone is interested in mine as well.

Lifespan of a cup of coffee is very short. As the consumer slowly sip their way through the coffee cup and telling their stories…or thinking through their stories, they also allow their thoughts and reflection to sip in as well. Very often once there is nothing else to savour, that marks the end of a cup of coffee, only awaiting for the next cup to take over. However, each sip also leave behind traces in the cup. Ah ha…that is the tricky part. You will always leave behind traces! The traces is what draw us back to savour another cup of coffee and sip our ways to our thoughts and reflection again. In a way, that’s the connection.

I am half way through my sipping….

Good day!

The gatekeeper



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