Cafe Hopper Review: Belly View Cafe@Changi Coast Walk

This is one very interesting sight for all cafe lovers. It’s not really a cafe but I guess the definition of cafe can be stretched. Belly View Cafe exist alongside a few others bars and restaurant along the Changi Coast. Thus, while dining here, you will also get to enjoy the nice and scenic coastal view. This is not very common in Singapore and this is one place to come if you wish to have a good treat of sight and taste.

Although Belly View is a cafe, it doesn’t really serve gourmet coffee like the other cafes. In fact, the selling point for the cafe is its tze char or literally translated as stir fried cooking. It has a whole variety of seafood and other delicacies. Whenever I am there I will always order the deep fried squid and the fried kway tiao. I simply love the combi of the deep fried squid and beer. They are the best compliment so far.

There is no exotic decor in this place because the natural sea view is its best decor. It’s very relaxing just sitting by the coastal area. The only bad side about the place is that it is rather out of reach by most people. However, that is also not a bad thing. Come on a weekday afternoon and you will find the place quiet and you can truly enjoy the peace and tranquility there.

The gatekeeper



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