Cafe Hopper Review: Settler’s Cafe@North Canal Road

There are some places that you shouldn’t go there alone. Trust me, Settler’s Cafe is one place you should not venture alone. This is a niche cafe! This is a cafe, although simple but with a lot of personality and character. It is a board game paradise for board game lovers. Once you step into the cafe, you will be greeted by these whole shelves of board games. I am serious….it’s really a whole series of shelves so fully packed with games after games. While most cafes will put their emphasis on the food and beverages, this one has its focus on games. That is personality. That is not to say that they have compromised on the quality of food.

I ordered their purple dinosaurs drink and the drink looks good and tastes good as well. It’s basically soda mixed with blueberry juice. I really love the colour of it. For food, I ordered one of their signature dishes, tumeric chicken. To my pleasant surprise, it tastes very well and the tumeric is not too strong for me. Well, the best thing is it is boneless. I love the fries because it is hot and crisp.

Well, yes, I felt a little out of place because while the rest came here to play game with two or more companies, I went there alone. I couldn’t be playing game on my own! Hahaha! If you are a serious board game lover, this is one cafe not to be missed. You’ll get good food and at the same time great entertainment from the so many selection of board games. Oh yah, do your reservation with them to avoid disappointment.

The gatekeeper



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