Cafe Hopper Reflection – Last Week of No Pay Leave

I have finally come to the last week of my NPL (No Pay Leave). Two and a half months of rest and journeying with Constant Companion. I must say that I have made the right decision to forgo my 2 1/2 months of pay for something so needed by my soul. I started with my full time blogger job as a cafe critic. Then I moved on to traveling to Bhutan and that was really one of the highlights of this journey. Then I came back really with a very different perspective about life and happiness. I went on several runs and particularly The Northface 100 run which I did not complete. I must say that the TNF 100 is also one of the major highlights of the journey. Running together with Constant Companion was one of the best things that happened. I continued with my Cafe Hopper job and will certainly continue to do that for a long time I guess.

So this is the last week of the 2 1/2 months of NPL. I must say that it has been a wonderful journey and I really thank Almighty God for the so many people who actually journeyed with me together. I have learnt so much from this journey and I have also unlearned a lot of things. I really like the unlearned part. I have always thought that you have to hold on to something to own it. After this journey I have realized that you do not actually own anything until you are willing to let go of them. Only in letting go is there true ownership. I know this sounds very ironic and paradoxical but that’s the fact of life. You only let go of something that you own…isn’t it true?

I have also learned that life begins only when you get your butt out of your comfort zone. As long as we continue to stay in our comfort zone, we will not experience much of life. During the journey, I took myself out of my job and my high paying salary. Did it cause any pain…I am very sure it did! Today, when I look back at this decision that I have made, I thank God that I made this decision and given another chance I would still do likewise. I know that this is an expensive journey and trust me it’s not about courage but about doing what is necessary. It is important that we understand God’s timing for rest. Well, forgoing your pay is a discomfort zone. Yes, and of course eventually I decided to resign from my job. Believe me when I said that this is a damn, bloody discomfort zone for me. The day that I handed in my letter, I felt totally stripped and was feeling rather angry with myself. Honestly, that only lasted for a day. Many people were shocked at my resignation but I supposed for people who know me well, this should not be a surprise to them.

One more thing that I have learned and this may sound very cliche, that is, there are really more important things than dollars and cents. Reality check: not many people are willing or daring enough to do what I have done. There’s just so much of insecurity involved in this. I felt insecure myself. But I have learned to trust in Almighty God in this. After I took my NPL, I have time to enjoy a nice breakfast with my mum almost everyday. I love doing that! I have time to meet up with people whom I have not met for very long time and I have done many things which I wanted to for the past years but never got a chance to do it. I am not sure when will be the next time I do something like this but I must say that all these are possible because I have learned to let go and let God take over. Did I destroy my own career…not at all. I have built myself a different career right now. I have built myself a career with God and His everlasting Kingdom. This career no one will be able to take it away from me.

I have one more thing that I need to do, that is, my Thailand trip end of the year. That will be one major highlight that I will have to accomplish before all these come to a close. May the Lord continue to watch over my path!

Enough of reflecting for now but my encouragement to you is that recognize time for rest….don’t be too hard on yourself! Take time to slow down your pace and you will find that there’s a lot more things in life that is very precious and beautiful. God bless you as you continue to labour in love!

the gatekeeper

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