Cafe Hopper Review: Ah Teng 糕饼店 (Cake Shop)@Raffles Hotel

I was on my way to meet an old friend at Raffles City and I bummed into this cafe when my bus stopped at Raffles Hotel (if I am not wrong, the oldest hotel in Singapore). I was walking along the colonial style corridor of the hotel and I suddenly smell something interesting in one if the shops along. Yup, I saw the name Ah Teng 糕饼店 on the glass window and I peeped in to see people enjoying afternoon tea. Well, I needed to rush for my appointment, so decided to spare this one for later. I had a good catch up with my friend and sharing with her my experience with her. Hope I didn’t bore her, especially we have not met for quite a long time.

After my appointment with her, I was really wondering where to head to before my next appointment at the Asian Civilisation Museum for their Halloween night special. I decided that I will pay Ah Teng 糕饼店 a visit then. They have high tea set special ranging from $10 to $12. They have three different sets of high tea sets, namely, Scone Set, Cake Set and Muffin Set. I decided to try their Scone Set with coffee, especially after seeing that they have huge scone. Their scone is anytime bigger than Big Mac from Macdonald, of course without the meat and the veggies. It tastes really good when it is warmed up. Once it is warmed up, the crisp outside plus the fragrant fine scone made this a treat of taste and feel. The scone is served with butter, jam and cheese. Go for the cheese, it’s really nice. Ok, I love to eat it this way: pinch a bit of the scone with your fingers, dip it into the melted cheese (it doesn’t turn watery), and gulp it in one mouthful of it. Forget about the knife they would provide you with. It’s tastes really nice. They don’t serve gourmet cafe like Starbucks or other cafes that specialise in their coffee. It’s basically machine made coffee but its pretty good anyway. I love the long black because it tastes exactly like our coffee shop kopi o.

Because I am someone who loves old stuff, I love the decor. Once you stepped into the cafe you will find yourself being transported back to the 60s or 50s. The nice partition in the middle of the cafe is the main drop. I love the green, stained glass on the partition and the swinging door. You can sit in he cafe and look out through the window. It’s always a nice thing to look out through the window.

On a whole, this is one nice cafe to visit. A very good alternative to Starbucks or other cafes around the area. Nice place to chill out with friends or perhaps, just sit alone to read a book or do your blogging. Still two more hours to my Halloween night….hopefully I will bum into another cafe that I can write about.

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