Cafe Hopper Review: Viking Cafe@Kandahar Street

Viking cafe was an unexpected find for me at Kandahar Street. It happen to be along the same street as Maison Ikkoku Cafe. As I was leaving from Maison Ikkoku, and I walked down the lane, I bummed into the Viking. For a while I was trying to figure out what kind of place is Viking. Only after a while of observation then I realised that it was a cafe. My friend and I entered the cafe and it has a very strong street art look, with graffiti on the walls and some paintings by local artists. There is also a little platform with some music equipments. The furnitures are pretty raw and they are very streets style as well.

We sat down after our tiring walk and was deciding what we should order from them. They seem famous for their burgers and they make their own meat patty as well. I decided to go for their cheesy burger and my friend ordered their original burger. When the food arrived, they certainly look very wholesome and very attractive. I must say that the burgers did impressed the both of. For a cafe that was opened 6 months ago, in August, the quality of food served is pretty nice and tasty. However, the coffee is rather ordinary. I ordered their latte and it didn’t really taste as nice as I would expect it.

I was at first pretty puzzled about what kind of feel I should get from this cafe. I couldn’t figure out how I should feel when I looked at their decor and paintings. I decided to ask the staff what’s behind the thought of the cafe decor. Only then I realised that one of their aims is to support local artists and providing them a platform to express their arts. In fact, just last week, they had a poetry recital in the cafe itself. I find this idea very interesting but it is not coming forth very strong when I was there. Perhaps, I need to be there when there is a performance or something in order to feel it.

For a cafe which only started 6 months ago, I think they will need to take some time to put in more thoughts into the cafe. If local performing art scene is their niche, I certainly hope that will really emerge forth more prominently in the cafe. Viking…press on…there is certainly a place for you in the local cafe scene.

The gatekeeper



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