Cafe Hopper Review: Chock Full Of Beans@Changi Village

I was attending one of the many invites to BBQ and its really has been a long since I attend any of these BBQ session. Its always not so pleasant to do BBQ in Singapore as the weather is hot and humid. Anyway, I went for it…turned out to be quite fun and of course a lot of mosquitoes as well. They had their fun sucking our blood while we happily BBQ our way. We felt rather bored and decided to explore the place a little. After all, its been a long time since I came to Changi Village. I remember there are a few nice cafes around the area as well. Of course, Cafe Hopper won’t miss a single chance to hop into one of them. This time round, I hoped into Chock Full of Beans. I have heard of this one from many friends. I love the name and always wonder why they decided to use the word “Chock”. I didn’t bother to find out anyway…

We just had a whole lot of BBQ food so we decided to just order drinks from this one. I must say that the only surprise we got from them are the latte art on every cup of coffee they serve. When the first cup of coffee arrived, it was a Tic-Tac-Toe pattern. We we were so excited over and it we waited with excitement for the next cup of coffee to arrive. Well, I must say that they never fail to surprise us what’s the next pattern on the next cup of coffee. Other then this, I must say that the coffee taste pretty normal. Nothing very exceptional about it.

I love the decor. Again, it has a little woody element in it and it always warm my heart to see people use wood as part of their designs. The shop space is pretty small and thus, I am quite impressed by the decor and the space consumption in the cafe. This commendable. Of course, they have outside seatings as well but honestly if given a choice, most people would like the comfort of the air-conditioning, which in my opinion is the best invention by human hands.

This is one cafe that is worth the visit if you have already travelled all the way far east to Changi. A very good resting place from all the beach activities in the area. Or perhaps, a good place to chill after your dinner there or supper.


the gatekeeper



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