Cafe Hopper Review: After You Cafe@Silom Complex, Bangkok

I was here because of a friend’s recommendation. He told me that the place is good for its dessert and nice ambience. It happened to be just beside Baan Ying, a cafe which I reviewed sometime ago. Since I roughly know the place, I decided to pay After You a visit during my Christmas break. When I stepped into the cafe, it already hit my soft spot for wood. The cafe is so filled of woody stuff, just like Baan Ying and very spacious. The spaciousness of the place is so welcoming in a congested Bangkok with most of the shop spaces being very tiny. There is so much of walking space and if you sit at the cafe you have so much of personal space as well. The counter is located in an angle that seems to tell every customer, “Hey I am here…!” Indeed a very welcoming atmosphere and more so when the staff are generally friendly and full of smiles.

I ordered my usual latte and a maple syrup toast with assorted sausage. Looking through the menu, they serve mainly pancakes and thick toast and they are mainly sweet….what am I talking about…this is a dessert ship right. The menu is quite interesting and there are other permutation of pancake with other ingredients or thick toast with other stuff. So its really cool just looking at the menu. I also noticed a corner where they have this nice, modern, wooden shelves full of cookies and other pastries. They have a whole table of different types of brownies and other stuff. This is is just so amazing. I must say also that that the cookies are very nice. I was so tempted to buy one!

The food arrived and they serve the australian type of latte and I must mention that their latte does have some standard there. I noticed that they like to foam their latte in Bangkok or in Thailand. The main draw here is the food. When my stuff came, I was so excited. It really looks very beautiful and yet not too complicated. The toast is coated, not simply just tainted with maple syrup….the syrup is coated on the surface of the toast and it forms a very crispy crunch on the surface. So each bite of the toast is sensational and its soft in the inside. This give it a very good texture in the mouth. The sausages however are pretty normal but well complimenting the toast.

I am so thankful that my Thai friend recommended this place and I certainly would like to go there again.

the gatekeeper




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