Cafe Hopper Review: Thai and Burmese Cuisine

Due to my long stay in Bangkok, recently I am pretty much exposed to a whole lot of Thai cuisine. For some reason, I am not tired about trying out the various Thai dishes, as long as they don’t involve the internal organs. I particularly love the Som Tum here in Thailand. Som Tum is basically the papaya salad. The Thai would use the unripe papaya, shred the papaya and mix them with whole lot of ingredients into a cold dish. The ingredients usually involve palm sugar, fish sauce, peanuts, long beans, cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, lemon and etc. Sometimes, Som Tum is eaten plainly…at times it comes with fried fish, pork or even raw crabs. The one that comes with raw crabs is something that I dare not to venture. The fried fish version is very appealing to me.

Although I can’t eat too much of sticky rice, but honestly, during my one month more stay in Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), I have fallen in love with the sticky rice here. It’s so different from those that they make in Singapore. The sticky rice is fragrant and it really taste well as a snack or even as a main meal. It is normally eaten with an accompanied dish such as pork floss (different from those in Singapore), friend shredded pork or ribs. What the Thai would do is a mouth of sticky rice and a mouth of the accompanied dish. It really tastes good. Sometimes the sticky rice is also eaten with friend assorted stuff like fish balls, fish cakes and etc.

I am sure people who frequent Bangkok, will sure know Som Tum and the sticky rice. I have fallen in love with Som Tum so much that I am going to learn how to make it myself. You will very soon see my own version of Som Tum.

I went back to Singapore for a short while and interestingly a friend introduced to me Burmese food when I met up with him. That was the first time I tasted Burmese food. He ordered this Bee Hoon salad for me and besides it being very spicy, I think the taste is great. I began to explore the Burmese cuisine a little more and I made him promised to bring me for more Burmese food when I returned to Singapore. Interestingly, the Burmese cuisine comprises of a lot of different types of salad or cold dish as well. I was particularly very interested in the rice salad that I saw from Youtube. Go Google or Youtube Burmese salad…I am sure you will find many!

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