Cafe Hopper Review: Kuppa Cafe@Sukhumvit Soi 16, Thailand

I woke up early with the objective to have breakfast in this cafe. I knew that it’s along Soi 16 but didn’t know exactly where it is. I decided to just take a walk down the entire soi and see what I could find there. As usual, you will see a whole stretch of street hawkers selling all kinds of local delicacies. I still miss my Korat’s breakfast. First, it’s so much cheaper in Korat and second, I think it is much nicer there. The morning is much cooler over at Korat as well. Anyway, as I walked down the street, indeed, there are a couple of interesting eating places which I really would like to visit one of these days. I was away from Citadines about 300 meters and there I spotted Kuppa Cafe. I was rather disappointed when I saw an old lady quietly sweeping the floor and it seemed as though the place was closed. I walked in anyway and was told that it opens at 10am. I was about 1 1/2 hours early. I didn’t know what to do while waiting for it to open…so decided to have my breakie at the roadside stalls and then to proceed for a cup of cafe at Kuppa.

Just when I missed Korat, I bummed into this stall that sells som tum. I ordered my favourite tum thai and khaw niaw. I sat down with the lady boss and i chatted with my limited Thai and found out that she and her family is from Korat as well. I must say that the som tum and the ghai yang (BBQ Chicken) do have standard. Love it! Despite I was full, I still wanted to go to Kuppa. Even before I stepped into the cafe, I was so impressed by the rustic wooden door. And when I stepped in, I love it even more…the entire cafe design is so rustic and the cafe is so spacial that you don’t feel crowded at all. Maybe because I was the only customer throughout my whole visit….but I am sure that even with more people, you won’t have to feel that the people at the next table is eavesdropping.

I ordered latte and bread and butter pudding. I am seriously not a fan of bread pudding, but the look of the pudding really allured me to have it. They serve traditional three tones italian latte here. I must say that they did the three tones pretty well and the coffee was of some standard as well. The latte was smooth and the after taste was good. However, it does lack a little fragrant I must say. As I said, I am not a fan of pudding, but this one is really good. Its not just a plain pudding. It has apricot, peach and passion fruit in it. The bread is soft and it certainly melts in your mouth.

On a whole, I love this cafe and its really worth the journey to visit the cafe. Give it a try the next time you are in Sukhumvit.

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Cafe Hopper Review: @Cake, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

I was scheduled to have a meeting at 9am, so I decided to wake up early to buy my breakfast before the meeting. I planned to do a take away (Sai Tong Gab Ban) and come back to the centre to prepare for the meeting. After I bought my breakie, I decided to just walk further down the street and to see if there is anything else that I can buy back for the meeting. As I walked and walked, I came across a cafe that I have been wanting to visit since after a few days I got here. Since I still had some time, I decided to walk in and experience this little cafe that looks really rustic from the outside. I went in and I think I found a little piece of heaven in Soi Sarmsibkanya. I love the simple and rustic decor of the cafe and the staffs were very friendly. I tried to disguise as local and of course I did very badly at it. Once I opened my mouth they will know I come from some distant country. I ordered a piece of chocolate cake and my usual latte. Oh guess what, they do latte art here. I was so taken by surprise that I could get latte art here. It was a simple leafy design but I think its pretty cool! I sat down at this cosy corner and the more I spent a minute there, I wanted to order something else to experience the cafe a little more. I decided to order a pasta. Then a staff came and approached me asking about something which I obviously couldn’t quite understand. Later then I knew that she wanted to offer Chinese tea to me.

I must say that the latte is one of the better ones I have tasted here. It has a mild after taste of the roast. The cake is interestingly nice as well. It is soft and it is not as sweet as I thought it to be. The chocolate can be richer though but it is a pretty reasonable piece of cake for just 30 baht. I must say that the pasta was good and very beautifully decorated. The sauce is not too sweet or too sour and just nice to cover the pasta.

My overall experience  there is that the whole place makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. I feel that I can be relaxed there. I am sure that if I am with a group of friends, we would have a lot to chat over a cup of coffee there. Well, if you happen to be found in Nakhon Ratchasima, do look out for this cafe at Sarmsibkanya.

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Cafe Hopper returning to Singapore

Hi….yes I have been wandering in Thailand for almost three months and its been a very wonderful experience away from home. I really miss home a lot but I always try to keep myself busy over here so that I won’t think so much about it. Although my family and I are like 1000 over km apart from each other, I can feel the closeness between us. I know this sounds so ironic but it is true. Every phone call that I make and every text messages I received from my family members mean a lot to me. I have like about one week or slightly more in Thailand and I will be back at home again. There are so many cafe places that I would like to go when I am back. There are so many cafes in Singapore that I have sat there and did so much of thinking and chatting with friends. I guess that’s really make a cafe unique at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter about the decor or the location. Its the people that you are with in the cafe. Its the memories that you have forged over a cup of latte or iced mocha. Its that little corner in a cafe that you will always find yourself sitting there, writing…thinking….ipading…reading and etc….

So…I will be back soon and I hope I am able to give my readers more insight into cafe and hopefully giving you some inspiration in coffee drinking….

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Cafe Hopper and Latte Arts

I am always amazed by latter art. When a coffee is served to me with picture on it, man….it always make my day! This video clip is cool….it looks simple enough…so perhaps you can give it a try and let me know if it is really that easy. Do appreciate a barrista who is thoughtful enough to draw on your latte…..the next time when you received a cup of latte with picture on it…go the a barrista and say a word of thanks….he or she has added value to your coffee indeed….


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Cafe Hopper Review: Coffeebean by Dao, Bangkok, Thailand

This is a fast growing chain in Thailand or should I say Bangkok. Coffeebean by Dao is pretty up-market chains of cafe outlets and trust me the things are pretty pricy base on Bangkok standard. I heard from the local that this is one place worth visiting and so I decided to pay a visit before I move up to Nakhon Ratchasima. So, this entry is a bit backdated I guess. I heard from a local friend that the cafe was founded by a lady who went the France to learn the art of making pastries and cakes. When she returned, she established Coffeebean by Dao in Bangkok and it soon caught on and now it is a very successful brand name in the cafe scene here.

When I stepped into the cafe, yes, I must say that I felt the place rather high-class and the observed that the people dining at the cafe were mostly the upper income group. I saw some students as well and they obviously didn’t look like the normal kids in the streets. Thus, the overall image of the cafe is basically a place for the rich but not necessary famous I guess. To get a piece of cake for S$5 to S$6 is rather on a high side. On average, a wholesome meal in Bangkok should cost you only about 35 baht to 50 baht or between S$2 to S$3. S$5 to S$6 dollars is equivalent to about 120 baht. Therefore I say that it is very expensive for locals.

I ordered the latte and a piece of cake. I couldn’t quite remember what I ordered but remember that I was really nice. I think I ordered a Lemon Meringue Pie and my normal latte. The lemon was very rich and the meringue was very nicely done though it was a bit on a hard side. I don’t think I finished the whole meringue but I did managed to consume almost 90% of it I guess…which was suppose to be a no-no for me. The main draw for the cafe is really the pastries and the cakes. I didn’t feel that the place serve good coffee at all. The coffee was very ordinary and I think Black Canyon serve better coffee than them. Furthermore, I guess it is cool being there since it is a up-market place. I would say that for those cakes and pastries lovers, this is the place to go if you don’t mind the higher price. But the coffee lovers, you will be disappointed I must say.

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