Cafe Hopper Review: Coffeebean by Dao, Bangkok, Thailand

This is a fast growing chain in Thailand or should I say Bangkok. Coffeebean by Dao is pretty up-market chains of cafe outlets and trust me the things are pretty pricy base on Bangkok standard. I heard from the local that this is one place worth visiting and so I decided to pay a visit before I move up to Nakhon Ratchasima. So, this entry is a bit backdated I guess. I heard from a local friend that the cafe was founded by a lady who went the France to learn the art of making pastries and cakes. When she returned, she established Coffeebean by Dao in Bangkok and it soon caught on and now it is a very successful brand name in the cafe scene here.

When I stepped into the cafe, yes, I must say that I felt the place rather high-class and the observed that the people dining at the cafe were mostly the upper income group. I saw some students as well and they obviously didn’t look like the normal kids in the streets. Thus, the overall image of the cafe is basically a place for the rich but not necessary famous I guess. To get a piece of cake for S$5 to S$6 is rather on a high side. On average, a wholesome meal in Bangkok should cost you only about 35 baht to 50 baht or between S$2 to S$3. S$5 to S$6 dollars is equivalent to about 120 baht. Therefore I say that it is very expensive for locals.

I ordered the latte and a piece of cake. I couldn’t quite remember what I ordered but remember that I was really nice. I think I ordered a Lemon Meringue Pie and my normal latte. The lemon was very rich and the meringue was very nicely done though it was a bit on a hard side. I don’t think I finished the whole meringue but I did managed to consume almost 90% of it I guess…which was suppose to be a no-no for me. The main draw for the cafe is really the pastries and the cakes. I didn’t feel that the place serve good coffee at all. The coffee was very ordinary and I think Black Canyon serve better coffee than them. Furthermore, I guess it is cool being there since it is a up-market place. I would say that for those cakes and pastries lovers, this is the place to go if you don’t mind the higher price. But the coffee lovers, you will be disappointed I must say.

the gatekeeper

CollageImage_by_Dao_Coffeebean CollageImage_by_Dao_Coffeebean2

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