Cafe Hopper returning to Singapore

Hi….yes I have been wandering in Thailand for almost three months and its been a very wonderful experience away from home. I really miss home a lot but I always try to keep myself busy over here so that I won’t think so much about it. Although my family and I are like 1000 over km apart from each other, I can feel the closeness between us. I know this sounds so ironic but it is true. Every phone call that I make and every text messages I received from my family members mean a lot to me. I have like about one week or slightly more in Thailand and I will be back at home again. There are so many cafe places that I would like to go when I am back. There are so many cafes in Singapore that I have sat there and did so much of thinking and chatting with friends. I guess that’s really make a cafe unique at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter about the decor or the location. Its the people that you are with in the cafe. Its the memories that you have forged over a cup of latte or iced mocha. Its that little corner in a cafe that you will always find yourself sitting there, writing…thinking….ipading…reading and etc….

So…I will be back soon and I hope I am able to give my readers more insight into cafe and hopefully giving you some inspiration in coffee drinking….

the gatekeeper!


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