Cafe Hopper is Back!

Hahaha….I am back. I have been very busy with my work recently and I sincerely apologise for neglecting many good, old friends who visit my blog. You may be wondering if I have lost my passion for food and good cafe. Not at all….I will still find time to visit cafe and taste great food around the island and also Thailand. Please be patient with me…I am certainly sourcing out good cafe outlets so that I can write about them in my blog…so stay tune.

Things have been really busy for me since I came back from Thailand. So many things waiting for me to do. I really thank God for His grace and mercy for seeing me through busy periods like these. I have been travelling quite a fair bit between Malaysia and Singapore, I am going back to Nakhon Ratchasima and Krung Thep in June and many many more…..

Ok that’s all for now….look out for good updates ok…..

the gatekeeper