Cafe Hopper: Its all about love…爱情这一回事!

I am back. I am writing on my blog again. I have not log in for a good two to three months and I realised quite a number have posted on my blog. Thanks to all who left a few lines here…really appreciate that. I have to write a few lines of English so that my English speaking audience know where I have been these few months. I have been very busy with my new job and I must say that I am really enjoying my new job. Since I have been busy, I have not really been cafe hopping…how can that be right?? As a cafe hopper I should be hopping around cafes right. I will! I have not forgotten my mission of hunting down the many hidden cafes in Singapore and of course, Thailand as well. Many things have happened since I returned from Thailand and I must say that I really thank God for all that He has done. Let me settle down as soon as possible and I will continue to fill the pages of my blog with lots of exciting stories.

从泰国回来后,我常常在听一些怀旧的老歌。其实那些歌曲也没有那么老!从中我也领悟到很多关于爱情这一回事!从 “领悟”到 “剪爱”,在从这两首歌到 “至少还有你” 我都有许许多多的感触!有苦过也哭过,有开心过也遗憾过。这种种的情绪上的过山车都让我明白了许多事,并且让我学着更坚强也更对生命有不同的见解。从前我以为张开双手我撑得住未来,现在我明白了,人生往往有许多事不是你说了算的。很多时后,我们伤的很深是因为我们还没有学会放下和解放!爱情可以是一件很沉重的事,它也可以是一件飘入毛羽的竟界。有些人可以对爱情轰轰烈烈,而有些人却不敢靠近它。爱情可真是矛盾的一件事。现在我只能说得是,我很想去好好的爱一回。我很想轰轰烈烈的去爱。这可能会到至很深的伤,可是 “谁不是用伤口交换未来” 呢?我知道这听起来很放纵,就让我难得糊涂一次吧。

the gatekeeper

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