Cafe Hopper Review: Old School Delights (OSD) @ Upper Thomson

It’s been a very long time since I am out with my family for a nice breakie. All thanks to public holiday…we had the time to do this yesterday. Well, we didn’t quite hit the morning breakie though…more like a brunch I believe. Wanted to visit Habitat Coffee at Upper Thomson, cos heard from a god friend that the food taste has improved a lot. Since I came back from Thailand, I haven’t really tasted their food yet. I was told by the lady boss that they changed their chef and this time is the mother-in-law…which side I am not too sure…haha…

Anyway Ryan told us that it would be a 20 mins wait and I thought maybe we should proceed to another place for breakie. By the way, for those who have been very busy with work and neglecting your family life, this is a good chance to do so. Never forget that the core of every individuals is the family. Well, we decided to go to OSD. I personally don’t quite fancy the food at OSD but this time round, I must say that my experience at the cafe was really nice. I ordered their local Malay delight, Mee Siam and I must say that their food has improved quite a fair bit as well. The Mee Siam was tasty and the flavouring was just cool. My little niece ordered a soup macaroni from the menu and trust me it does has the old school canteen taste of soup noodle. However, I still find the place a little pricy but for the good concept and experience I seriously think that the little extra is quite worth it.

I am sure that OSD is not exactly new to most of us, same for me, it’s not exactly new. However, a revisit to OSD yesterday somehow made the experience rather special and unique. Not too sure if its because we were eating and enjoying as a family. When you do things together as a family, I guess it doesn’t really matter where it is. Drop by one of these days at OSD with your family and you can share your childhood stories with your children and teach them the games that you used to play as a child. Hey, honestly, it can be quite an experience!

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