Cafe Hopper Review: Coffee Stars by Dao (Thai and International Cuisine)

This cafe is a pleasant surprise for me. I wanted to visit Paris Baguette Cafe in Wisma but when I arrived there it was simply too crowded. So I decided to save that for next review. I bummed into Coffee Stars by Dao. I am pretty familiar with Coffee Bean by Dao in Bangkok but I was delighted to see the same chain of cafe in Singapore. I decided on this one.

I wanted to just have coffee and some pastries. When I saw in the menu a whole list of ‘local’ Thai food, I decided to eat more. I ordered the traditional khao niao or sticky rice and BBQ beef. I also ordered my all time favourite som tum or papaya salad. What really made my day was that the manage of the cafe from Thailand and I managed to speak a few lines of Thai with her. I love the feeling of that…makes me feel like I am at home.

Oh yah, I must mention the lemon grass tea which I ordered. The tea was really refreshing and it really compliments the tastes of Thai cuisine, a bit of spicy, a bit of sour, a bit of sweet and a bit of all other things. The sticky rice served in the traditional cane-knitted container and again that made my day. And I must say that the rest of the food, indeed, met my expectation of Thai cuisine. As a matter of fact, the food is more tasty then many of the Thai restaurants here. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricy over here.

If you have never visited a Dao, this is one you may not want to miss. I will certainly recommend this for people who wish to have a taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

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