Cafe Hopper Review: Oriole Cafe and Bar @ 313 Somerset

I entered a lot of cafe by mistakes and some of these cafes turned out to be pretty nice cafes. On Monday, I was on a date with an old time buddy and we were suppose to go to another cafe only to realise that it was closed down some time ago. I was rather disappointed to hear of good cafes having to close down due to exuberant high rental or even high costs of operation here in Singapore. If only our costs of operation is to that high, I am sure that cafe owners can be more creative and innovative in their cafe ideas. Unfortunately, this is not the case here in the Little Red Dot.

We decided to walk to 313 Somerset and settled down at Oriole Cafe and Bar. We didn’t really have high hope on this cafe, but still we were greeted with warm hospitality by the waitress who attended to us. In fact, she saw us and rushed out from within the cafe to attend to us. I personally like the ambience and setting of the cafe. It allows patrons to be able to look out and observe the people traveling to and fro. There was so much to observe while I was having brunch with my friend. It was certainly a very good chat and we certainly enjoyed the egg benedict that both of us ordered. My buddy ordered the salmon egg benedict and I thought that was pretty rare.

The latte was surprisingly nice and fragrant. I took a sip and I could sense the smoothness of the coffee and I didn’t have a bad after taste. They seem to pride themselves of their coffee and I certainly feel that they should do that. The cafe does serve beer and liquor as well. I believe that it is also a good chill out place if you just want to have a drink or two after a hectic day.

I certainly think that Oriole is worth a try for all coffee lovers and certainly for the rest who just need a good drinking place after work. Do drop by one day to experience the cafe.

The gatekeeper






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