Cafe Hopper Review: Select Books @ Armenian Street

I was rather tired by the time I bum into this very interesting place. From the outside you wouldn’t think too much of it as a cafe. As a matter of fact, the place is more of a bookshop than a cafe. Once you entered the place, you are brought to a world of literary works. They sell mainly asian collection of books. Thus, if you are into any kind of Asian studies or what…this is a good place to get your resources. It has a good collection of all kinds of books on Asia and Singapore, both Mandarin and English books.

When we arrived at the shop, there was a group of people just sitting down there and exchanging ideas and sharing. I am not too sure what exactly they were talking about…well it’s not nice to eavesdrop right…but they were certainly very relax and chill in a hot Tuesday afternoon. I conclude that this is really a cool place for you to rest your legs and slow down your fast pace life and be surrounded by books.

If you walk all the way in, it has a simple counter selling drinks and some cakes and snacks. I seriously think that the main thing about this place is not the drinks or coffee or snacks…it is really first a bookshop follow by a cafe. I decided to out this down in my blog because I think this is a cool place to just chill out after work or if you need a quiet place just to do your work. The cafe section is pretty retro and it does bring you back to the 60s or even 50s…with the comfort of air-conditioning of course. Just remember that you can’t expect too much from them as a cafe….

The gatekeeper



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