Cafe Hopper Review: Marchie @ JEM

For some strange reason, I am enjoying time alone more and more. I am enjoying those moments when I don’t talk to people. Of course, being a social animal, sometimes I crave for company as well. But not as much recently I guess. I decided to journey down my recent haunt, JEM, to just take walk down the mall to see what kind of encounter I would get. Nah…not the love at first sight kind of encounter lah…encounter with food … Encounter with good coffee. I wanted to try my luck at Starbucks…but then as usual, it is flooded with people who keep studying there. Just never able to understand why they have so much to study. Anyway, nowadays going to Starbucks is like going to the casino to try your luck. If you are lucky you will hit the jackpot…if not you will walk away disappointed. Well, I had that feeling when I went to Starbucks at JEM. So I decided to try my luck somewhere else.

I was so tempted by the one-for-one beer and I really had the inclination to drink. I hopped to Marchie by Movenpick. I really like the decor of the restaurant. I love the various quotes to remind you to relax and chill out. I ordered a German beer and I portion of crispy ravioli. The ravioli tasted nice when it is hot…however when it gets cold, well…it turns soft and tasted a bit rubbery. The beer is cool and I really enjoyed drinking alone and all by myself. That’s why I had the time to out in this entry. The decor is a good blend of greens, woods and modernity. I like the all open concept of the place. You can just chill out and see the people walking pass you at the mall. Talking about mall reminds me if Christmas now….yeah!

The staff here are very polite and they make you feel very at ease over here. I could read my book peacefully and indeed, felt very relaxed over here. Who needs to their luck when you have Marchie around the corner. Ok, coming back to food, they are quite good with pizzas…so please try their pizzas if you happen to hop here.

My overall experience in this place is cool and chill. I love it here and will certainly come here another day.

The gatekeeper




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