Cafe Hopper Review: Fast Food for Thought @ Queen Street and Maison Kayser @ Wheelock Place

Made an appointment one week ago to catch up with an old friend in advertising and media. Our friendship has come a long way and thought of meeting up with her cos I met her up before I went to Bhutan and Thailand. We wanted to just go to any of the restaurants in the mall for lunch, but she decided to change the venue and recommended another place at Queen Street. Queen Street is a place full of arts and creativity. I guess it’s because many arts schools and the Singapore Arts Museum are nearby the area. I personally like this stretch because it is usually not crowded and there is this little Catholic bookshop that sells all kinds of interesting religious gadgets….to better communicate with the divine I guess…something that probably all the iPhone models never really look into…yeah …. All the e-books and e-devotions and e-Bibles….but nothing beats the real stuff. Anyway, we went to this stand alone cafe Fast Food for Thought. There are very few stand alone cafes in Singapore and this is one of the good ones. The interior decor is simple and it has this big board that allows customers to drop in their ping pong balls to vote for a poll. Quite an interesting concept. The cafe has a lot of personality and of course I like the fact that it is not crowded.

I ordered the Thai-fusion fried chicken burger…something like that. Well…the burger looks good and the portion is just nice for me. The only thing I have to say about it is that it is not exactly Thai or fusion. Was rather disappointed by the taste. But if you forget about the Thai fusion element, it is a pretty nice set of burger to have for lunch. I guess its all about naming and expectation. I didn’t try their coffee really and I don’t see many people trying their coffee. I certainly will visit the place again to have a taste of it. Well, the important thing is I had a good catch up with my old friend as well. A great chat over expectations of life and the future ahead. As usual, I have been telling everyone that actually we don’t need a lot of things in life. We can live simple and simply live.

I hop to my next appointment with a colleague. So I was excited about this little cafe hop actually. Have not really visited more than one cafe in a day for a long time. I hop to Maison Kayser a Japanese cafe in Wheelock Place. Nothing much about the decor as it sits right smack in a mall. However, the tarts are really delicious. I ordered some raspberries tarts and I must say that it tastes pretty refreshing. I don’t normally order cappuccino but this time round I did. It was pretty well done and the coffee is smooth and it has a mild after taste of the roast. So in general, not a bad resting place after your shopping in the mall. It really sits right between Wheelock Place and Ion. My colleague ordered a quarter roasted chicken…didn’t taste of it but it smelled good certainly. Worth a try certainly especially if you are laze to go to a cafe in a hidden corner of Singapore.

Cafe is a good place to catch up with people. That is why sometimes I hate it when I see people so stressing up, studying in cafes. It’s not the proper use of a cafe. Cafe is never for work….it was never meant for work or study. You come to a cafe to chill and get connected with people.

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