Caffe Hopper @ Carpenter and Cook Cafe again!!

My recent visit to C&C has been a little disappointment. Sad to say that the standard of their pastries has gone down a little and I no longer could smell the aroma of warm and baking pastries from the oven. Smell has a unique way of alluring people to a place and that lost of aroma is certainly something missing. It seems to me that C&C has been reduced to just another ordinary cafe at some corner of Singapore. However I must say that the latte texture and after taste is still within reach there! The after taste is smooth and it certainly still pleases me after all.

I still like their overall ambience! Perhaps being a history major, I love the vintage style and I do think that the flair is still very much there! It is definitely still worth your trip to come to C&C and savour the cakes, pastries and coffee!

I must admit that I was rather sad when I visited C&C that day! I sent Toffee for boarding! Yes, I am heading back to Bangkok and Korat again! This time round I will be taking some time to discover some of the cafes in Bangkok and hopefully I can bring some good news back to all my ardent fan! So hand on there for more cafes and food!

The gatekeeper