Cafe Hopper Review: Silkream Dolci Cafe @ Siam Square, Bangkok

I am certainly on a hunt here…yes hunting for more interesting cafes in Bangkok. Touring alone and touring with my family is far lot of difference. When I travel alone, I am free and I roam around the streets of Bangkok feeling carefree. This time round, I am traveling with some of my family members and I really have more things to consider, especially with my old mother along with me. However, we have our joy and great time of bonding as well. I brought them to Siam Square this afternoon and this is one place you must come if you are looking for a taste of Thai local fashion. I always feel very sad when I look at Thai apparel. They are all so small. How can I, a Cafe Hopper, fit myself into such small size t-shirts and shirts. Anyway, that is besides the point here.

I managed to hop to one of my listed cafe to visit this time round, Silkream. The cafe is tuck in between many apparel shops along the soi but it is not hard to spot it. Just hit all the way in into Siam Square either by Soi 5 or Soi 3, walk a little here and there and you will spot this Japanese kawaii style cafe. When I walked into the cafe, I was greeted by a strong smell of vanilla and baking in process. That alone will charm you soul. The cafe is decorated with cute stuff and ornaments…that adds to the Japanese kawaii flair.

We ordered a few desserts, earl grey tea, latte and cappuccino. From my tea-expert friend, the earl grey tea is rather ordinary but the coffees are pretty much accepted. You can’t expect too much for coffee when it comes to Bangkok. Generally it is hard to find real, good coffee here in Thailand. The desserts are pretty creative and well…they are sweet…that’s all I can say about them…anything sweet is haven and great.

This is one great place if you wish to tuck in somewhere amidst your busy, buzzy shopping in Bangkok. Good place for afternoon tea!

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