Cafe Hopper Review: Chu Chocolate and Bar @ Exchange Tower, Asoke

This is a cool and modern looking café tuck at a corner of Exchange Tower. It is mainly frequent by people who work in the building and it certainly can provide a little chill out for the busy office workers here. The café has drop-down window and giving you a clear view of the ever-buzzing Sukhumvit Road. This is one hell of a road that never sleeps. Many of the Caucasians love to just sit around here, read a book or simply stare out into the street blankly. The only not-so-cool stuff about the café is that it doesn’t have WIFI.

The tables are spaciously laid out so as to give people ample room for conversation and discussion I guess. Food wise I must say it’s pretty ordinary in this extra-ordinary city, hail for its fine cuisine and local delights. The latte is surprisingly not that bad, pretty acceptable for now. In general, it’s not easy to find good coffee in Thailand.

I ordered the Breakfast Biscuit that is basically scone topped with scrambled egg and sausages. Well, not quite a good mix I must say but certainly good enough for the morning. Personal opinion is that it might be better if they replace the sausage with simply crispy bacon. That will be prefect I guess. Maybe they are better with their chocolate stuff that I didn’t order. Didn’t want to take chocolate stuff in the morning.

My family left for Singapore and I am staying back to proceed on to Korat this evening. Finally, giving a break to this cute, buzzing city for a few days and into the quiet and slow pace Korat for the next few days. Missing all my friends in Korat.


The Gatekeeper



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