Cafe Hopper Review: Audrey Cafe and Bistro@Thonglor 11, Bangkok

This is certainly one cafe that your eyes can’t have enough to see. It has a French classical design for interior decor and the moment you stepped into the courtyard of the cafe, you are already spoiled by the posh and classy outlook. From the table display to the black, elegant chandelier, the cafe is just too beautiful to be missed. This is one place that has lots of personality and character in it. I decided to tuck myself in one corner of the cafe so that I can have a good view of almost everything. The ambience alone will kill diners here.

The menu is not exactly a fusion of Thai-French cuisine. It basically has two types of menu, French and Thai. I took me a while to decide what to eat cos I was really spoiled of all the choices possible. Their signature pork knuckle cube looks totally tempting and I almost gave in to it. However, I promised myself that I won’t resist the temptation again next time. The braised beef is worth trying and apparently it takes 6 hours to braised the beef. Wooooo….how not to try it. Still, I decided to give it a miss since I am travelling alone. In the end, I ordered a simple pasta dish with corn beef and a Thai appetiser, meat wrap with rice skin. Well, I didn’t quite get a fusion but I must say that I pretty like my order.

Honestly I pretty like the outdoor seating if not because the weather is rather warm. I suggest, if you come in December, take the alfresco seating and enjoy the courtyard atmosphere. Trust me, you will for a moment believe that you are in Paris.

I didn’t get to try the pastry because I simply need to reserve some parts of my stomach for other things. The coffee wasn’t really that fragrant and it is rather light for me. Well, I don’t suppose they would pride themselves with their coffee when their food is good and their ambience is almost perfect. I love the short walk out of Thonglor Soi 11…quiet, peaceful and just the right environment to think about the next cafe to hop to. Thonglor is really a cool dinning area in Bangkok!


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