Cafe Hopper Review: Boyy Cafe@Thonglor 12, Bangkok

I arrived at Suvarnabumi Airport and felt really happy that I am back to this Land of Smiles again! Surprisingly clearing the custom was quite a bliss and even the taxi stand wasn’t crowded! I guess many are still having second thought of coming to Bangkok after several months of unrest by the opposition party! In anyway I came and everything seems pretty normal. I even saw a celebrity and his family on the flight as me. I was rather worried that I would have a hard time finding my hotel. To my pleasant surprise it wasn’t that difficult to locate my accommodation for the next 4 days! Thank God!

My check in was easy and contrary to what they said about the staff in this hotel, I was greeted by a very polite counter staff. Also contrary to what the review online, the room is clean and everything is neat! Wondering now why people said all of those negative comments. After I settled down with the hotel room, I was all ready to go out to hunt for some food! I was lazy to walk over to Soi 38 to buy street food… So I decided to walk into this cafe, Boyy Cafe, to see what they would have for dinner! As I approached the cafe, I was greeted by this big table at the courtyard and really very welcoming!

There weren’t too many people eating but I entered anyway. The cafe gave me a sense of comfort especially after a few hours of traveling! The staff of the cafe was polite and welcoming! The cafe has a mix of modern-rustic design and the lightings in the interior was just right to calm the tired soul! I ordered the Italian Bacon with dried chilly spaghetti and my favorite cafe latte! The latte was great and my first sip was a refreshing one! The milk used was fresh! The spaghetti didn’t look quite appealing initially whoever when I started eating, it’s was good but just a little too oily. I guess this has to do with the Italian bacon!

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience at the Boyy Cafe! A good place to start with and a great chill out place if you are looking for a place to have a great conversation with friends!

The gatekeeper




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