Cafe Hopper Review: Peony Teafe and Gallery@ Sala Daeng , Bangkok

This cafe tuck in a corner of Soi Sala Daeng is an interesting find. It’s not too far away from BTS Sala Daeng where the famous street of Silom is! In the night, Silom is buzzing with fun seekers and pleasure finders, not just for the straights but also for the LGBT community! Anyway, that is not my main point! I was expecting a rather difficult find or that the cafe has closed down or something! When I saw the signboard outside the cafe I was so happy! Immediately, I took out my phone started taking pictures of its exterior. The cafe as a very elegant exterior, decorated with dotted peony flowers!

The moment you stepped into the cafe, it gives u a garden cafe kind of feeling! There is flower every where and even the cushion covers are flowers in print! There are three sections to the cafe, namely the counter area, the middle section is an alfresco concept … More like a courtyard, and finally the main dinning hall! It’s good that I have chosen to come here in the morning as the decor really makes yours early morning brighter and lighter!

The main selling point of the cafe is actually the tea as the name of the cafe suggests! There is just too many varieties of traditional tea, fushion tea and flower teas in the menu. I ordered the windmill as it says only available in Peony! The tea is very refreshing and the tea is light enough to give you that fresh sensation! I was rather disappointed that they don’t have scone today! I wanted to try their scone! Eventually I ordered some sandwiches instead.

My overall impression of the place is rather positive and the staff are certainly friendly and good to customers. If you ever come by Bangkok do look out for this flowery cafe at Sala Daeng!

The gatekeeper




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