Cafe Hopper Review: Le Pla Daak Cafe@Bangkok Cultural and Arts Center, Bangkok

I always love to visit the Bangkok Cultural and Arts Centre, BACC. Many tourists would not take time to visit this place as they would be too immersed in the shopping spree just diagonally across Siam Center and Siam Paragon. Just opposite the building is the famous MBK, a haven for cheap imitation products. Thus, its easy for many to miss this building though it is always very prominent if you manoeuvre around the Siam area. Not only would you see gallery of art works and photography, you will also be greeted by interesting shops selling unique art related products. Amidst these shops, there are a couple of nice cafes as well. I was rather tired and was considering whether to have my lunch here at BACC or over at Siam Square or Siam Center. Just when I was getting too tired of thinking, right before me was this interesting cafe. I was attracted by the vintage style decor but wasn’t too happy with the menu. Still eventually I stepped in and decided on this one.

I was so overwhelmed by all the interesting vintage style decor and the many old-school display on the shelves. I simply love the feeling of having old stuff surrounding me. The tables, the chairs, the plaques and the many many different kinds of household stuff that turn into art works in this small, little cafe. I ordered ice coffee and a set of BBQ pork with rice. The coffee tasted pretty right but just a little too sweet. Food served is very home-cook style. Just when I was there, the staff were having their lunch and they seemed to be eating pretty much the same thing as I was. So, if you wish to eat something that Thai people eat at home, this is probably a good place to begin with.

I sat there for a while after I finished my lunch and really just enjoying the very classic Thai songs playing at the background. Overall, the experience with this cafe is good and really a good blend of arts and food within this small space. More importantly, do drop by the BACC the next time you come to Bangkok!

The gatekeeper





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